I just posted eleven letters that I’ve been writing since January 2008, when I started writing a book called Fast Times in Palestine. Previously I was posting them on my main website, pamolson.org, but this new blog format should be clearer and more open to comments, subscription, and interaction.

For more info about me and the book, please see the About section. In brief, I’m writing about the year and a half I spent working as a journalist based in Ramallah. The book seeks to humanize and contextualize the less-well-know Palestinian perspective without falling into the trap of demonizing Israelis. It’s non-fiction, but it uses the devices that make novels so engaging — humor, suspense, narrative arc, and well-developed characters — in order to give it mass market appeal.

Personally, I hate finding a good new blog and then wading through the whole reverse-chronology thing. So here’s a table of contents for the first eleven blog posts. If you’re interested in my lastest stories from the Middle East (as opposed to the letters I wrote during the year and a half I spent writing full-time in Stigler, Oklahoma), feel free to skip to the eighth post, Cheeseburger in Paradise.


  1. Out of the Closet (Jan 2008) in which I come out and say it — I’m writing a book!
  2. Upstairs Update (May 2008) in which I move to Oklahoma, sit in my big brother’s old room eight hours a day, and give this whole book thing a go
  3. My Speech at OSSM Graduation (June 2008)
  4. Blue Okies (Sep 2008)
  5. California and 2009 (Jan 2009)
  6. Video of my Palestine Talk at Google (Feb 2009)
  7. Redbuds and Dogwoods (April 2009)
  8. Cheeseburger in Paradise (June 2009) in which I move back to Ramallah to finish up the book while living in this city I love so much
  9. Haifa, Nablus, Ramallah (July 2009) in which I visit an Israeli friend in Haifa and then begin my new life in the West Bank
  10. Yoga, Concerts, Prison (August 2009) in which I’m hit once again by the insane cognitive dissonance of this place — so much fun and beauty, and so much pointless pain
  11. Ramadan, Soccer, Canyon, Border (Sep 2009) in which I start a pick-up soccer club in Ramallah, rock climb in a Jordanian canyon river, and offer tips on how to navigate Israeli borders