Now that I have 64 entries spread out over three years, they’re starting to stack up a bit, and it seems like it would be hard for a newcomer to wade through them all, even with a Blog Table of Contents. So I thought I’d do a quick list of my ten favorite posts.

(This list doesn’t include the excerpts from my book that I’ve posted. For those, go to the book’s online Table of Contents, which has links to all of them.)


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Not that much new is really happening at the moment. The BDS movement and the non-violent campaign of resistance in Palestine continue to gain ground. An incredibly gorgeous poem was written about the humanity we share in struggles all over the world. (My words sound clicheed, but the poem is fresh and wrenching.) An Israeli ex-President was convicted of rape.

Israel continues to slide down the path of racism and violence (and more violence). And Israel, along with our own FBI, continues to target and intimidate non-violent protesters (who are fighting back with eloquent words that will echo through history).

And the world is getting fed up with the Obama Administration’s fecklessness and inaction. More and more countries are recognizing a Palestinian state, and the Palestinians are looking for more ways to bypass the US and Israel, both of which are hopelessly intransigent toward the wishes and conscience of the rest of the world.

But so far there haven’t been any front-page shake-ups or spikes in violence (just the usual Israeli turkey shoot of Gaza civilians, which is so horrific it makes one numb — the latest being the bombing and killings of five young sisters as they slept in their home).