Once again, Jon Stewart leads the way in pointing out America’s exquisite hypocrisy in the Middle East. John Oliver joins Stewart in an info-mercial-like skit advertising America’s special Freedom Packages, designed for each country in the Middle East based on its levels of resources and America’s friendliness with its dictator.

You can view it here.

The surprising part comes at the end, when Stewart once again dares to point out the elephant in the room with a fine-print disclaimer that parodies those of designer drugs:

“Freedom packages may cause America to experiences unintended consequences including but not limited to: Inflammation of local or ethnic tensions. Strengthening of one or more of America’s traditional enemies. Current allies becoming future enemies who one day use American-supplied rocket launchers against us. Jobless, unmarried 19-year-old men with dynamite underwear may wish to take out frustrations on freedom package suppliers. If you experience an insurrection lasting over four months, seek diplomatic attention immediately. Offer not valid in West Bank or Gaza.

Jon Stewart is not perfect by any means. But he’s further ahead and less fearful than any other well-known pundit I know of. And he’s arguably the most influential source of news in the country among people with brains, decency, and a sense of humor.

This can only be a good thing.

Pamela Olson’s book Fast Times in Palestine, a non-fiction novel of life in the Holy Land, will be published next month.