Dear friends,

You can buy my book, Fast Times in Palestine, through my Amazon-affiliated sell page or from itself.

But the best option is to order directly from me. It makes me more money (because I can buy my own books at the author discount), and it’s also cheaper for you.

Just email me the number of books you want and your shipping address. My email address is pamolson @ gmail . com (without the spaces). I’ll send payment instructions. You can pay with Paypal, check, or credit card.

Book Clubs, Peace and Justice Groups, Bookstores, and people interested in selling copies in their area are eligible to receive deeper discounts. Contact me to learn more.

For individual buyers, if you order one book, it’s just $12 plus $2 shipping (shipping on Amazon is $3.99 for one book).

If you order two or more books, shipping is free!

If you order five or more, they’re only $11 each plus free shipping.

Ten or more, $10 each plus free shipping.

Twenty or more, $9 each plus free shipping.

These shipping rates apply in the 48 contiguous US states, and they apply per shipping address. If I ship to you out of country, by default I’ll choose the cheapest method and charge you whatever I pay.

If you like, you can become a mini-distributor in your area, selling them to friends and family for whatever price you want. If you charge the $15 recommended price, you’ll make a little profit. If you want even more books to sell — say, 30 or 50 or 100 — at a deeper discount, I bet we can work out a deal.

Also, I’m looking to sell UK and European paperback distribution rights as well as foreign language rights (French, Italian, etc.) If you happen to know of any publishers who might be interested, feel free to direct them my way.

I’m thrilled with how the book has turned out, and I hope you enjoy it just as much!

Love and excitement,


P.S. I’ve also published an electronic copy on Amazon for Kindle. The formatting is beautiful there, too, and there are 30 pictures and maps instead of the 11 in the book, and they’re in color (if your device supports color). The End Notes also contain live links to all reports and articles cited.

You can download a free Kindle reader for PC here:

or for Mac here: