I got my first hate/attack Review on my book’s Amazon.com page. I’ve reported the guy for abuse — he makes a habit of giving one-star reviews to books about Palestine.

If you’d like to help, please click this link and click “No” after “Was this review helpful to you?”

Then click “Report abuse” just after it.

I guess it’s a point of pride — haters will hate, and it’s better to be abused than ignored because it indicates I might be hitting a nerve — but it’s annoying that my book now shows up with only three stars because of a dishonest review.

Here’s his review:

The book has less to do with Palestine and more with Olson fantasy of the Palestinian narrative. The dinner with the suicide bomber’s family chapter made me puke. Just another foreigner trying to cash in on the juicy stories of Palestinian plight and wars with Israel. She doesn’t even take a stance on anything. It’s very unsettling.

(Don’t know if you’ve read my book, but this review clearly indicates that he hasn’t.)

And here’s his comment on someone else’s review:

there is nothing beautiful about the intifada. Palestinians spoon-feeding their children antisemitism and brainwashing them with bigotry ending in thousands of attacks against Israelis and innocent Palestinians who oppose the autocratic behaviors of the PLO is NOT romantic. It is disgusting to see people look at this conflict like a romance novel. It is WAR. Real people are DYING and SUFFERING. Books like these do not resolve conflicts, they encourage it. And the Palestinian government just gets richer and richer (Arafat was a billionaire after all) while the Left goes on and on about the “occupation.”

I get similar comments — all vitriol, diversion, and racism without any substance — on my blog all the time. I just ignore them. Unfortunately I can’t ignore people who post dishonest nonsense on Amazon.com because it’s a public site that depends on readers to police themselves.

After you read the book, it would also be tremendously helpful if you wouldn’t mind posting an honest review on my book’s Amazon.com page to counteract any other dishonest sandbaggers who may show up.

Thanks, guys!