First a quick announcement — I’ll be doing a reading and book signing at Bluestockings Books in Manhattan on Monday, August 15, at 7pm. Bluestockings is on the Lower East Side at 172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington, one block south of Houston and 1st Ave. Hope you can make it!

Second, I just published a new eBook, a collection of my amateur art and poetry from 1993 to the present, called The Brimming Void. The 29 short poems were mostly written in the Middle East, Russia, and California. You can get it on Amazon for 99 cents or at Smashwords for free.

Finally, I’m working on publishing four more eBooks about my adventures traveling across Siberia by train in 2000, teaching at a summer camp in southern Russia in 2003 (Camp Golden Shaft), and backing in Egypt and Jordan, as well as a story about international romance gone horribly wrong called Tribute for Ronan.

The last book is a rollicking (and well-cited) re-telling of Iraqi history for the past 30 years, with American playing the role of Iraq and a fictional country called Megastan playing the part of America. It’s an attempt to humanize to Americans what it’s like to be bullied mercilessly by both a despotic leader and a narcissistic superpower (or in this case, Megapower).

I’ll sell them all in the range of $0 to $2.99, and I plan to have them all published in the next two weeks. (They’re all written, they just need to be edited and formatted.) I hope you’ll enjoy them!