My fall book tour is beginning to take shape. I’ll be in southern California October 11-12, speaking at the Levantine Cultural Center in LA and another venue TBD, then in the Bay Area October 13-21, where I’ll be speaking at Stanford and several other places (and attending a reunion of the Stanford Improvisers).

The week of October 23, I’ll be in Oklahoma speaking at several universities. Then I’ll be back on the East Coast, where several people have contacted me and said they’re interested in hosting me for a reading, book signing, and/or presentation. It’s a lot of work organizing it all, but I’m incredibly excited.

Meanwhile I just managed to finish my five new eBooks before I head out on a much-needed vacation. They’re all published on Smashwords. You can see them by visiting my Smashwords profile (or my Amazon Author’s page) and scrolling down to the six titles now under my name.

Most of them are free, the rest are super cheap, and all have ample samples. It’s mostly my unpublished travel writings from pre-Palestine travels, plus a true scandal-ridden love story that spans three continents.

All right, y’all, take care. This blog should get more interesting again soon now that a lot of marketing, editing, and organizing is starting to taper off. Inshallah.