This weekend in Washington, DC, AIPAC will descend upon the nation’s capital with tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of activists to promote its line: unconditional US support of the Israeli government, including backing up its insane threats to attack Iran.

Most of you probably already know why AIPAC is so dangerous, but just in case, Medea Benjamin has compiled this Top Ten List of reasons why.

But, like last year, they won’t be alone. Occupy AIPAC will take place at the same time, bringing hundreds of activists, academics, students, writers, and other supporters of peace and justice for all in the Holy Land. The schedule is packed with inspiring speakers and actions both at AIPAC’s venue and on Capitol Hill.

I was at the counter-AIPAC event last year, and it was fabulous — great folks, good vibes, and good fun. This year I won’t be able to make it, but I still want to support it however I can. So…

Until the end of March, I’ll donate 20% of all income from my book, Fast Times in Palestine, to the organizers of Occupy AIPAC.


During the Occupy AIPAC conference — on Saturday and Sunday, March 3 – 4 — I’ll be giving away eBook copies of Fast Times on the Amazon Kindle website.

Everyone is encouraged to download a copy for free (it’ll be available at this link on March 3 and 4), and if you find it to be a useful way to introduce friends and family members to the beauty of Palestine and the almost indescribable injustice of occupation, you are welcome to suggest or gift it through the rest of March, which will result in a larger donation to Occupy AIPAC. The eBook is currently only $2.99.

Here’s what Reviewers on Amazon have been saying lately:

“Not sure what I was expecting when I started reading it, but the damned thing kept me up all night!!! … Pam’s account humanized life over there more than anything else I’ve read. I had no idea about all the checkpoints and so many of them being manned by kid soldiers getting off on their power to delay or violate without repurcussions… Bottom line: Loved it.”

“I felt like I was able to picture myself in her shoes and see a part of the world I was embarrassingly unfamiliar with. I felt like I was taken in by Pamela’s personal experiences and held in by the factual accounts of what she experienced.”

“I had no idea what to expect, and I knew nothing at all about the Middle East or any of its people. I loved this book, and it has opened my eyes to a different culture. I hope this writer is wildly successful. She is a really good story teller. She makes this non-fiction book read like a novel.”

Finally, here’s my first-ever attempt at Youtube-ifying myself. It’s a short reading from Chapter 2.

Please feel free to grab your free Kindle copy here on March 3 and 4!

(If you prefer a paperback, you can get one here.)