I just saw this on my book’s (soon-to-be-deactivated) Amazon page. (August 1 is when it will go down — after that you’ll have to wait until spring and pay normal publishing house prices if you want the eBook.)

It shows what people are highlighting in my book as they read it. It’s fascinating to see what people are paying attention to. Authors of even ten years ago didn’t have any way of finding out what their readers were underlining short of buying their own books at every used book store they could find.

Sometimes technology is cool.

Here’s the current top ten:

Dante said, “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality.”

Highlighted by 10 Kindle users

“…diffusion of responsibility, anonymity, dehumanization, peers who model harmful behavior, bystanders who do not intervene, and a setting of power differentials.”

Highlighted by 8 Kindle users

“When you’re following your destiny, the whole world conspires to help you.”

Highlighted by 8 Kindle users

H. L. Mencken: “We are here and it is now. Further than that, all knowledge is moonshine.”

Highlighted by 7 Kindle users

Ahlan wa sahlan, heard incessantly in the Arab world, is usually translated as “Welcome,” but a more literal translation is, “Be at ease, like one of the family.”

Highlighted by 6 Kindle users

He said one hadith of the Prophet said that if the day of judgment came and you had a baby palm tree in your hand, even if you saw imminent death approaching, you should still plant it. Every moment was an integral part of the totality of existence, and any act of faith and kindness was a victory in itself.

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“Well, I worked for the US Agency for International Development, and they did things like build wells for the Gazans. Then Israel would destroy them using weapons paid for by US foreign aid. Then USAID would rebuild the wells. Our tax dollars at work, eh?”

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The sense of entitlement, or at best thoughtlessness, necessary to live such a place struck me as breathtaking.

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“Why does the world demand non-violence from Palestinians and then totally ignore them unless they do something violent?”

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“But it’s hard sometimes, letting go of the stories you think you know.”
“It’s true,” he said. “Some say the battle with your ego is the toughest jihad.”

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