I’m moving to Turkey pretty soon. Hopefully only for a month or two. But first I have three weeks of travel here in the US.

This weekend, September 21-23, I’ll be at the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation 11th Annual Organizers’ Conference in St. Louis, MO, speaking about the Israel Lobby along with Jeff Blankfort and Alison Weir.

Next weekend, September 28-29, is the Sabeel conference in Albuquerque, where I’ll be speaking along with Iris Keltz (author of Scrapbook of a Taos Hippie and a forthcoming book about her adventures in Palestine during the Six Day War) about Retelling History through Personal Narrative.

The weekend after that is my ten-year college reunion at Stanford, where I’ll be speaking on a panel about non-traditional career paths as well as an event featuring Stanford authors. After that I’ll visit friends in San Francisco and Marin, then I’ll have some meetings with my publisher, editor, and publicist at the Seal Press headquarters in Berkeley.

It’d be great to see you somewhere along the road.

After all that, I’ll be heading to Istanbul to be with my boyfriend, who is stuck in Turkey while the US consulate takes its sweet time processing what should have been a routine work visa extension. Instead of taking two days, as expected, they said it would take between one and six months to process due to an unfortunate coincidence that has nothing to do with my boyfriend.

Luckily his work has an office in Istanbul, so he can work while he waits, and also luckily I’m here to move all our things into storage before our lease is up on October 1. Otherwise this inconvenience could have been a disaster. But honestly, I’m excited to be traveling to Turkey and meeting Ahmed’s family. I just hope it’ll be one or two months, and not six.

Finally, I’m raising money for Rania again. (See my previous post if you don’t know the story.) I sent out an appeal last week and raised almost $500. I’ll need another $2,500 to keep supporting her for another the year. Absolutely anything, even $5, adds up quickly and is so incredibly appreciated.

Here are the various ways to donate:

    • My Paypal email is pamolson02@yahoo.com

    • I can send you an invoice via Paypal, which you can pay with any major credit card

    • Email me for details about how to send a check (pamolson @ gmail)

    • If you’d prefer to send the money directly to her via Western Union, I can send instructions how to do it — it’s very easy

THANK YOU, and Happy Pumpkin Season!