ftc2 I’m currently organizing my spring book tour. Here’s approximately what it’s going to look like, starting with the launch in San Francisco:

BAY AREA — March 13-23

PORTLAND — March 24-28

SEATTLE — March 30 – April 6

DENVER — April 7 – 13

OKLAHOMA CITY — April 14-19

EAST COAST — April 20 – May 10

Please be in touch if you have contacts in any of these regions who may be interested in hosting me for a talk, reading, or panel that features my work. That includes NY, DC, Baltimore, Philly, Providence, and Boston.



Hopefully I’ll get to Canada in late summer (Vancouver, Regina, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax), and the parts of the central US in the Fall (Texas, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Minnesota, Michigan, New Mexico, Arizona, Alabama, etc.)

Let me know if I’ve missed any place, and see you on the road!