IndieGTo those who were kind enough to contribute to the IndieGogo campaign (now completed) to help fund my recent book tour, I want to extend my sincere gratitude.

I’m working on a more comprehensive report from the tour, and I’ll post it as soon as I can. In short, it went better than I could have hoped, and it left me with more optimism than I had before. I truly believe the US public is ripe for learning about the realities in Palestine, told in a language they can relate to.

You all (and many others) helped make it possible. Thank you to:

Imad Hanna
Linus Hart
Ahmed Rifai
Veronica Riera-Gilley
Lama Najjar
Rachel Goldstein
Bea Dewing
Leah Bry
Ian Monroe
Dana Hantash
Nancy Shapiro
Kristine Knutter
Rebecca Hsu
John Lappart
Nur Fadhilah Wahid
Robbie Roy
Noor Elashi
Donde Anderson
Saundra Hoover
Tomas Gimenez
David Hall
Rob Philip
Dan Sandberg
Sarah Roggero
Andy Perdue
Bill Nilli
Anonymous x 7

Another round of thanks is due to all the fine people who kindly provided couches, spare rooms, rides, meals, and excellent company along the way. It’s been an honor and a pleasure.

And now, on to wedding planning! 🙂