So much has happened since I posted last! Our biggest news is that we had a son on April 9, 2018, after five long years. Below are some of my favorite pictures and memories from the first five months of his sweet life.

Here are some of the latest:



He’s learning to crawl now — and he’s so close!


Backing up a bit. My favorites from his first month:


Favorites from Month 2:


Month 3 — his palm has a little heart on it:


Month 4 (with a special guest star in his “4 Months” photo, a little girl named Allie whom I was watching at the time):


Month 5:


Life is good ❤

UPDATE (November 12): Our little man is 7 months now, crawling everywhere, cruising, babbling, eating ANYTHING we put in front of him, and generally so sweet and wonderful we can hardly believe how the stars blessed us. Here are some more recent favorite pics:

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Thanks so much! ❤