1. Top Ten Posts (2011-2013)
    Favorite posts during my third through fifth years of posting

  2. Top Ten Posts (2009-2010)
    Favorite posts during the first two years of this blog

  3. Maps of Israel, Palestine, the Wall, and Settlements
    An indispensable visual primer on the conflict. By far my most popular post

  4. Wedding Bells
    Some of my favorite photos from my wedding in June 2013

  5. Excerpts from my book
    The Fast Times in Palestine online Table of Contents, with links to all excerpts and outtakes posted.

  6. Chapter Companions
    A page on my website that links to all Chapter Companions posted on this site for Fast Times in Palestine.


  1. CHAPTER ONE — From the Midwest to the Middle East (Fall 2003)
    How an Oklahoma girl who studied physics ended up in Palestine

  2. Olives in Salem (Written Fall 2007)
    Harvest stories from the fall of 2007 (with pictures)

  3. Olives and Movie Stars (Written Fall 2007)
    More olive harvesting (in Battir), a hilarious film shoot at Snobar, and other good times in Palestine.

  4. Sinai to Canaan (September 2011)
    More about my 2011 trip to Palestine.

  5. I’m in Ramallah!
    Fall 2011 book tour in the Middle East

  6. Life on the Road (November 2011)
    Another short piece about my 2011 trip to Palestine.

  7. Statehood bid? What statehood bid? (September 2011)
    I visited Palestine in the fall of 2011 to spend time with friends, do a book tour, and see what the atmosphere was like as Palestinian representatives asked the United Nations to accept them as a member state. Here is what I found.

  8. Cheeseburger in Paradise (June 2009)
    In which I move back to Ramallah to finish up the book while living in this city I love so much

  9. Haifa, Nablus, Ramallah (July 2009)
    In which I visit an Israeli friend in Haifa and then begin my new life in the West Bank

  10. Yoga, Concerts, Prison (August 2009)
    In which I’m hit once again by the insane cognitive dissonance of this place — so much fun and beauty, and so much pointless pain (the story of the brutal arrest of my good friend’s husband is cross-posted on Mondoweiss)

  11. Ramadan, Soccer, Canyon, Border (Sep 2009)
    In which I start a pick-up soccer club in Ramallah, rock climb in a Jordanian canyon river, and offer tips on how to navigate Israeli borders

  12. Beer Fest in Palestine (Oct 2009)
    Oktoberfest 2009 at a gorgeous Palestinian Christian village called Taybeh, which brews Palestine’s delicious golden beer (cross-posted on Palestine Note)

  13. Where’s the Palestinian Gandhi? (Oct 2009)
    A question often asked by anti-Palestinian propagandists is turned on its head

  14. Olives and Rabbis (Oct 2009)
    Another popular post about Israelis and Palestinians working together to harvest olives in the fall of 2009

  15. Beauty and Apartheid in East Jerusalem (Nov 2009)
    Few articles or stories make me cry every time I read them. This is one. It was written by an Israeli Jewish man who helped organize a work day to rehabilitate an ancient aqueduct in a Palestinian neighborhood threatened with demolition by the Israeli government

  16. Photo Essay — Last Days in Palestine 2009 (Dec 2009)
    It’s always hard to leave Palestine. Hopefully some of these pictures and stories will help explain why. But it was time to head home, finish my book, move to New York, and find a publisher

  17. Gaza Diary by Chris Hedges (2001)
    Chilling article in Harper’s Magazine from the early days of the Second Intifada, it provides background for the stories I tell in Chapter 11


  1. Equator
    A friend tells me about cheap tickets to the Galapagos

  2. Galapagos Part 1 (October 2010)
    Someone showed me a deal for a $500 ticket to the Enchanted Islands. How could I resist?

  3. Galapagos Part 2 (November 2010)
    Islands and boobies, iguanas and volcanoes, beaches and sharks…

  4. Turks & Caicos & Irene (September 2011)
    What do you get when you cross a weekend vacation with a hurricane — twice?


  1. Out of the Closet (Jan 2008)
    In which I come out and say it — I’m writing a book!

  2. Upstairs Update (May 2008)
    In which I move to Oklahoma, sit in my big brother’s old room eight hours a day, and give this whole book thing a go

  3. My Speech at OSSM Graduation (June 2008)
    Which was adapted into Chapter 1 of my book

  4. Blue Okies (Sep 2008)
    A bit of a low stretch in the book writing/publishing process…

  5. California and 2009 (Jan 2009)
    Musings on the coming year

  6. Video of my Palestine Talk at Google Tech Talks (Feb 2009)
    A good overview of the situation in Israel/Palestine

  7. Redbuds and Dogwoods (April 2009)
    Spring in Oklahoma

  8. Gaza Freedom March (January 2010)
    An incredible way to ring in the new decade. 1,300 volunteers from around the world descended on Cairo on their way to Gaza to protest Israel’s draconian siege on the tiny, friendly, beachy, crowded strip of land

  9. Changing Tides (January 2010)
    Overview of the happenings in Palestine in 2009

  10. The Fable of Megastan
    A retelling of Iraqi history with America playing the role of Iraq, which I wrote and posted on my other website

  11. My First Rave Review! (Feb 2010)
    One of the top literary agencies in the world gives my book the best review I could possibly hope for, then turns me down

  12. ‘Berlin Airlift’ needed for Gaza, says Congressman (Feb 2010)
    Non-violent resistance to the occupation intensifies, and so does Israeli repression. Meanwhile, voices all over the world are joining the call for justice in Palestine

  13. The Conflict in a Nutshell (Mar 2010)
    A tongue-in-cheek review of how the conflict perpetuates itself, then a more serious (and brief) review of what’s been going on since the Second Intifada ended in 2005

  14. The Yellow Wind (Mar 2010)
    An article by Lawrence of Cyberia about the tragic and insidious way the occupation corrupts and destroys Israeli lives

  15. When I was 22 (Mar 2010)
    A letter I wrote to my mother during the time period covered by Chapter One of my book

  16. An Ashcroft Fable (Mar 2010)
    A funny email that made the rounds in offices all over the Middle East in 2005


  1. Book tour in Palestine
    The place where it all happened

  2. Book Tour: California and Oklahoma Itinerary
    October 2011

  3. Life on the Road
    Book tour stories

  4. Book Tour USA
    More stories

  5. Fast Times in Palestine Spring book tour schedule (Feb 2013)
    West Coast, Colorado, Oklahoma, and East Coast

  6. Book Tour Report (May 2013)
    I did nearly 100 events in about 20 states and 3 Canadian provinces with my book in 2013. Here’s the report back from the first leg of the tour. Good winds are blowing…

  7. Fall book tour schedule (Sept 2013)
    Upstate NY, Canada (Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal), and the Midwest (Chicago, Michigan, Minnesota, Wichita, and Texas)


  1. Blooming in New York (April 2010)
    My first letter after I moved to New York in March of 2010 to look for a publisher for my book

  2. Berkeley Divestment Update
    The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement makes major moves in a university historically at the forefront of progressive history

  3. Fast Times in New York
    More adventures in New York

  4. Why We Do This
    Don’t know about you, but sometimes I need to be reminded

  5. Mass Bloodshed when Israel Boards Civilian Aid Convoy (June 2010)
    600 activists on their way to Gaza to help break Israel’s inhuman and illegal siege of the coastal territory are attacked by Israeli commandos in the dead of night in international waters — nine activists killed and dozens wounded

  6. The Storming of the Gaza Flotilla
    Narrative compilation of the week of worldwide coverage after Israel’s attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

  7. The Last Refuge of the Apologist — Dithering
    This is me getting tired of people wasting time with words when actions are called for in the face of oppression (cross-posted on Mondoweiss)

  8. Summer in the City
    Summer time in New York as Spain wins the World Cup and JVP launches a campaign to ask TIAA-CREF to divest from the occupation

  9. Momentum
    I go to an incredible literary conference in Dallas with a Palestinian American friend whose father is in prison in the US for helping Palestinians in need, and the New York activist community begins raising funds for a US Boat to Gaza to be called The Audacity of Hope

  10. My Palestine Presentation available in New York (Sept 2010)
    A hard-hitting presentation full of pictures, stories, and statistics that I’ve given at Google Tech Talks, Stanford, Oklahoma University, and the Institute for Defense Analyses in Washington, DC is available for me to give in venues in or near New York (or elsewhere, if your organization can cover transportation)

  11. Siege Buster’s Ball
    A one-of-a-kind event to raise funds for the US Boat to Gaza

  12. Busting the Siege, American Style
    More momentum builds around the US Boat to Gaza and the BDS campaign as Israel’s carefully-constructed public image continues to unravel

  13. BREAKING NEWS — Jewish Boat sets sail for Gaza
    An exciting initiative!

  14. The Jewish Boat and the “Peace Process”
    The Jewish Boat is forcible boarded by the Israeli army, and the “Peace Process” shows itself to be a total sham, which is why we continue to send boats to Gaza and continue BDS worldwide. Because no one else is doing anything, and we can’t just sit around forever.

  15. Book Update and a Request
    A note on what’s going on with my book and an appeal for funds for a struggling Palestinian family that I’ve known for seven years

  16. The Book is Finished!
    Well, that’s a relief! Now if I could just nail down the publishing deal… I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I do.

  17. Design the Cover for my Book!

  18. Macy Gray Ponders Boycotting Israel
    Here’s hoping

  19. Cover Design Entries
    A few possible designs

  20. Hosni Mubarak — the Arab World’s Berlin Wall?
    We shall see

  21. Mubarak Ozymandias
    Sayonara, despot

  22. The World Wants to Love Us
    The hate is not innate — it’s in our power to change it, and not nearly as hard as we think

  23. Advance Praise for Fast Times in Palestine
    Some truly humbling reviews by such luminaries as Rebecca Vilkomerson (Executive Director of Jewish Voice for Peace), Ramzy Baroud (author of My Father was a Freedom Fighter), Tony Karon (Senior Editor at TIME), and Phil Weiss of Mondoweiss.

  24. Genius at the Jerusalem Post (March 2011)
    Hilarious satire on the tactics of Israel’s “Information Warriors.” It’s funny because it’s true.

  25. Jon Stewart compares settlements to terrorism
    And apparently gets away with it

  26. Regarding the brutal murder of a settler family
    Even though we don’t yet know for sure who committed the murder

  27. Jon Stewart Strikes Again
    By acknowledging the US government’s hypocrisy when it comes to freedom for Palestinians

  28. On ‘Cycles of Violence’
    Why these cycles are easy to start and a research paper that examines who usually breaks periods of calm between Israelis and Palestinians (hint: it’s not the Palestinians)

  29. Two more possible cover designs
    Designed by a professional — they look better as PDF files, there was some corruption of the images when I converted them to JPGs. But I’m still not crazy about them.

  30. Final Cover Design?
    My rough stab at a cover design I’d be happy with

  31. Nerd Alert!
    Random non-foreign-policy nerdiness, for a change

  32. Cover, Cover, Toil and Trouble
    I can’t seem to get the hookah cover girl just right. Here’s a possible alternative. Thoughts are welcome.

  33. Back to the Hookah?
    More cover drama…

  34. Back of Book Text and Author Photo (April 2011)
    Tentatively chosen

  35. Cover Chosen, pub date getting closer

  36. Last Post on Cover Design… Really
    It’s finally coming together…

  37. Backgrounder on Hamas
    Links to the extensive primer on Hamas I created after they won parliamentary elections in 2006

  38. Hilarious…
    Obama finally releases his birth information…

  39. Back Cover and Spine
    Really happy with them

  40. New Fast Times website!
    A friend was kind enough to totally revamp my main website

  41. Arab Spring creeps into Israel/Palestine
    Exciting times

  42. Paperback is published at last!
    Woo hoo!

  43. Now the fun part — marketing

  44. Freedom Ride

  45. Sandbagger
    My first hate/attack review

  46. Fast Times and the US BOAT TO GAZA
    I was a sponsor of the US Boat

  47. Author Interview (June 2011)
    With a book giveaway website

  48. Critique of Pure Balance
    The problem with ‘balance’ in journalism these days

  49. Parody
    An Onion-style article I wrote back in 2005 when I lived in Palestine

  50. Save the Date — Fast Times Book Launch, July 7!
    Good times

  51. Fast Times in Palestine BOOK LAUNCH
    Official announcement

  52. Book launch a swinging success!
    So many thanks to Noor, Paul, Andy, Waheed, Debbie, and everyone who organized the event and turned it into such a fun evening!

  53. Book Launch Interview with Noor Elashi
    With photos from the launch

  54. Mini-update on current events in Palestine
    July 14, 2011

  55. The most ambitious BDS initiative in America
    Jewish Voice for Peace’s campaign to get TIAA CREF to divest from five companies that profit from Israel’s occupation

  56. Lovely Review by Dr. Hatim Kanaaneh
    Still my favorite review of Fast Times in Palestine

  57. Occupation as a Dead Mammoth (July 2011)
    Huge, disgusting, and impossible to ignore… but Israelis sure try!

  58. Letter to President Obama
    Sent along with a copy of my book

  59. On (Not) Bending the Arc of History
    An article that captures a lot of my disappointment in Obama

  60. More books coming soon
    Mostly travelogues from my pre-Palestine days

  61. Book Tour and New Books
    Mostly travelogues from my pre-Palestine days

  62. 65 years in prison for giving charity to Palestinians?
    Unbelievable but true

  63. Palestinian magazine calls me a Beatnik
    My other favorite review

  64. Turks & Caicos & Irene
    Hurricane in paradise

  65. How laziness leads to insanity (Sept 2011)
    Prof. Stephen Walt talking sense as usual

  66. Sinai to Canaan
    On the way to Palestine

  67. Book tour in Palestine
    The place where it all happened

  68. Statehood bid? What statehood bid?
    September 2011 wasn’t nearly as exciting as we’d hoped

  69. Book Tour: California and Oklahoma Itinerary
    October 2011

  70. Life on the Road
    Book tour stories

  71. Book Tour USA
    More stories

  72. Freedom is Riding (Nov 2011)
    More non-violent activism in Palestine

  73. HarperCollins’ Editors — a microcosm of the 99%
    Even the top players of publishing are feeling the pinch

  74. Poetry
    Happy 2012!

  75. Happy birthday to YOU
    A giveaway of Fast Times in Palestine for my birthday

  76. Come to my Reading at the Half King in NY, Monday Jan 30
    A bar in Chelsea

  77. Grampa Red
    My grandfather passed away on January 30. Here’s a little about his long and singular life.

  78. The Situation in Syria
    Irony overload

  79. Free Fadi Quran
    A Stanford friend held captive by Israel for non-violently protesting the injustice of occupation

  80. Fast Times Giveaway and Benefit for Occupy AIPAC
    And my first Youtube video

  81. Jon Stewart’s Triple Threat (March 2012)
    Genius at The Daily Show

  82. My New Book (March 2012)
    People kept asking me how to format eBooks — so I wrote an eBook to teach them how

  83. Rawan Yaghi, Gaza’s Searing Voice (March 2012)
    An incredibly talented young woman

  84. Richard Falk: Hana Shalabi’s Hunger Strike has Ended, but not her Punishment (March 2012)
    Reposted from Prof. Falk’s blog

  85. We Can’t Make it Here Anymore (April 2012)
    A sad song

  86. Fantastic News — I’ve got a Publisher! (April 2012)
    At last…

  87. Just signed a publishing contract… (June 2012)
    How it all happened

  88. This is so cool! (June 2012)
    Turns out you can see what people have been highlighting in your eBooks published on Amazon

  89. All Palestinians, All Around the World — Get Out the Vote! (July 2012)
    An interesting initiative

  90. Cuts! (July 2012)
    One of the problems with having a publisher… they can tell you to cut your baby down

  91. Couple more Cover Ideas (August 2012)
    Here we go again with the covers…

  92. Turkish Exile (September 2012)
    Due to a visa snafu (thanks, US Consulate in Istanbul), my boyfriend at the time (soon to be fiance/husband) got stuck in Turkey for several months. So I joined him there. A few days after I arrived, he proposed!

  93. Pretty close to FINAL cover designs! (Oct 2012)
    Very close

  94. Engaged! (Oct 2012)
    He proposed by the Bosphorus

  95. Pillar of Sadness (November 2012)
    In Gaza

  96. Kicking Off a Sweet New Year (January 2013)
    Lots of good things to come, inshallah

  97. Rave Review by Prof. Richard Falk (Feb 2013)
    An honor

  98. Fast Times in Palestine Spring book tour schedule (Feb 2013)
    West Coast, Colorado, Oklahoma, and East Coast

  99. So Much Book News! (March 2013)
    Pub date approaching

  100. “The Attack”: Yet another film about Palestinian suicide bombing (June 2013)
    Movie review (including spoilers)

  101. The Almond Tree (July 2013)
    Book review

  102. Fall book tour schedule (Sept 2013)
    Upstate NY, Canada (Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal), and the Midwest (Chicago, Michigan, Minnesota, Wichita, and Texas)


  1. Being Human — Benefit Performance in NY
    My good friend Malavika Mohanan was kind enough to perform in New York as a benefit from my Palestinian friend Rania, whose husband was imprisoned by the Israeli army on false charges

  2. Rania News and Report Back from Being Human
    How the benefit performance went, and how Rania and her family are doing now

  3. Rania’s husband’s arrest
    A friend in Palestine going through some tough times…

  4. Rania’s Story
    Fund-raising for a Palestinian family

  5. An exciting year!
    And an update on Rania’s family

  6. Rania’s family, and summer camp in Palestine (September 2012)
    More about the family

  7. Help Support Rania’s Family (June 2013)
    Annual fundraising drive, this time via IndieGogo