Here’s the schedule for my upcoming travels. If you’ll be in the area, I’d be glad to see you there!


March 28: Serenity Café, Edinburgh, 7pm

March 29: Book signing at Calton Books, Glasgow, 2pm

Yes Bar, Glasgow, 7pm

March 30: Talk to Social Studies students at Stowe College, Glasgow

The Annex Healthy Living Center, Glasgow, 7pm

April 1: Café Café, Irvine, 7pm


April 4-6, visiting friends


April 9: La Fontaine Centre, 7pm

April 10: Words Bookstore Café, 11am


April 12: National Library of Kuwait, 6:30


April 15: Lecture at Weill Cornell Medical College


April 15-19, visiting friends


April 20 until the end of June with my husband 🙂

The Bracelet

Not a travel destination, but a novel I’m working on. The first six chapters are finished, and I’ve sent them to several people for feedback. You are welcome to them as well — feedback is always appreciated but never required.

If you’d like to check them out, send me an email at pamolson at gmail. You can read Chapter One here.